Being a For Sale by Owner or FSBO, you will most likely still be dealing with a buyer’s agent. Many times, these buyer’s agent will seem as though they are there to help you, but THEY DO NOT REPRESENT YOU – THEY REPRESENT THE BUYER.

When you are selling a property or business on your own, be aware of the overly helpful buyer’s agent who has NO AGENCY AGREEMENT with you. They will present the offers on their forms and make all sorts of suggestions which will “HELP THE PROCESS ALONG” – most likely in their clients’ favor.

Read the purchase agreements all the way through and look for some of the following items:

    • This is a section in almost all purchase agreements where custom requests are done, such as:
      • Seller to Pay XXX in Concessions
      • Seller to make all repairs from inspection
      • No EMD
      • EMD to be returned to buyer under all circumstances
    • Property Description Section:
      • Lists Appliances
      • Does it list other items you did not want to include
    • Taxes – make sure you are only paying for taxes on the days you are responsible.
    • Repairs – some purchase agreements have a section for inspection and municipal repairs and who pays them.


The buyer’s agent may also want to suggest you work with their title company. If your state allows, choose to do a split closing where you have a title company separate from theirs. Some states the seller picks the title company and other states the buyer does. There are also some states where an attorney is involved in all closings. You may want to reach out to a title company in your area to find out how your state does closings – you can call Inked Title who works nationally and someone can help provide information at 248-617-0004 or email

Do not feel pressured to use any services offered by the buyer’s agent.

(title company, home warranty, repair company, etc.)


Selling your home on your own has many moving pieces. Stay in control of your deal and stay in contact with the people you choose to provide services. A lawyer is always a good idea or a transaction coordinator to help review documents and get you to the closing with the greatest of ease.

A transaction coordinator is a licensed real estate professional who will charge a small fee or percentage of the sales price (much lower than the full service Realtor) to review docs, may help negotiate, and handle the process from offer to close to you getting paid.

If you have any questions about real estate or would like to buy or sell a home, Investment property, or commercial property in  Michigan, please e-mail us at or call 248-294-7850.

Thank you,

Scott Fader and Gary Brincat
Mitten Realty Group, LLC

Mitten Realty Group is a veteran owned company located in Michigan. Scott Fader and Gary Brincat are two of Michigan’s multi-million-dollar top producers. They have been working in real estate as brokers, Realtors, investors, property managers and real estate company owners for over 20 years. Together they would like to share their experiences, knowledge, success and failures to help buyers, sellers, Realtors, brokers and anyone else in the real estate and business, so that together we can grow as a community.





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