What is a Buyers Market?

A buyer’s market occurs when the supply (available homes for sale) exceeds demand (the number of buyers seeking to purchase homes).

FOR BUYERS: If you are buying a new home, a buyer’s market is the ideal time to make your move. You might be able to buy a great home for a lower cost than you would in a seller’s market. This is the best market for you to get equity from the start. Your Realtor should be able to do the homework and know what the market is trending at regarding pricing for the area you are looking in. Not all homes will be affected by buyer’s markets. Sellers who do not need to sell, sellers who can wait out the current market, and specialty homes where the seller knows there is value outside of market conditions. There are still multi-offer situations in a buyer’s market. This situation may drive the price back to asking or above. Decisions will be made to get your dream home above what you were expecting or move on to find the bargain during the buyer’s market.

If you are trying to sell your property in a buyer’s market, your home may remain on the market longer before you’re able to secure a buyer due to the large number of available properties. You may also have to lower your listing price or make other concessions in order to secure a buyer. Your listing Realtor should help you find ways to maximize the value of your home. There are things you can do and offer to attract a buyer who is willing to pay the right price for your home. In a buyer’s market, you want to 1) make sure your home in priced right 2) make sure your home in prepared right and 3) make sure you home is marketed right (show all the value).

FOR SALE BY OWNER SELLERS: Many people try to sell their home For Sale by Owner during a buyers’ market in order to save money on commission. For some, this will work, but for many, they may not have the knowledge of the market, and negotiations skills in order to get the maximum pricing for their home. Using a Realtor can help you make more money on the sale of the home, above what you would have paid out in commission. Realtors do the research, know the values, and can make sure the purchase agreements are not in favor of only the side of the buyer. When a buyer’s agent sees that the property is FSBO, they tend to be more aggressive with lower offer and requesting additional concessions the seller may not realize they are paying out. Call on the professionals to help guide you through this market.

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Thank you,

Scott Fader and Gary Brincat
Mitten Realty Group, LLC

Mitten Realty Group is a veteran owned company located in Michigan. Scott Fader and Gary Brincat are two of Michigan’s multi-million-dollar top producers. They have been working in real estate as brokers, Realtors, investors, property managers and real estate company owners for over 20 years. Together they would like to share their experiences, knowledge, success and failures to help buyers, sellers, Realtors, brokers and anyone else in the real estate and business, so that together we can grow as a community.


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